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Graphic Edge KC is a small, woman-owned, full-service design studio committed to conscious marketing solutions. We take a holistic, purpose-driven approach with all projects and all clients. We strive for website designs that are clean, user-friendly, effective, and fully integrated with our client's brand. With 30+ years of marketing and design experience, we are proud to have happy clients throughout the USA. ...


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Bill Allison


This is to share our experience with, and in particular, one of their professional design partners, Graphic Edge KC. In preparation for release of their first EP, “Cut the Mustard,” Nashville Rockabilly Artists, Wild Bill and the Bruisers undertook the DIY development of their own website. The DIY side of was a very attractive cost-conscious factor in our choice, so we jumped in. Finally, with all our media loaded, the Bandsintown plugin populated and synced, etc., it was looking good, except for a few minor complications. Happily, has what we learned is a particularly valuable link, “Hire a Professional…” To be properly matched with our professional, the form asks that we briefly explain our project. We stated that all was nearly complete, and consistent with the DIY nature of the product, we were looking for a “coach” to accomplish the last steps. We said that in a perfect world, we wanted someone in a video conference with screen sharing to examine our fledgling site to evict and the gremlins. The very same afternoon that we submitted the request, Kristin Tripp with Graphic Edge KC sent an email and ultimately in a little over an hour together, we were able to finish. We were overjoyed!...
Thank you, Bill. It was a pleasure working with you!...