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Welcome to TechicX, where expertise meets innovation. With years of experience in Velo Code, JavaScript, Node.js, and top-notch design skills. Services We Offer: Custom Search and Filters Dynamic Pages and Databases Complex Filters Triggered Emails and Automations Custom Signup and Login Payment Gateway Integration API Integration/Third Parties Dashboard and CRM Custom Forms and Automation Advanced SEO Multirole Custom Member Area Client Portals Features Beyond Imagination Technical Proficiency: Databases Searchbar Custom Filters Dynamic Pages Multiple Filters Triggered Emails Custom Signup/Login API Integration Custom Code Backend Development Proven Track Record: Having contributed to 500+ websites, our coding skills speak volumes. We prioritize quick solutions and thrive on long-term collaborations. Client-Centric Approach: Your business is our focus. We offer swift solutions and commit to long-term projects, building relationships that stand the test of time. Choose TechicX for tailored solutions that redefine your online presence. Let's create something extraordinary together!...